I love being a lifeguard above almost everything, and I love sharing and hearing stories about other lifeguards and things we do. Feel free to submit pictures, stories, questions, and anything else lifeguard related. I reblog other people's things and I post my own!

I Apologize…

I have been so busy since summer ended that I haven’t even been thinking about Tumblr…I really want to get back into it since I am at a point where I am really missing my pool and summer guarding! I’m going to brainstorm some of my own ideas to start filling the queue again, but if anyone has questions or anything else they would like to post, please submit it!

LIfeguard Season isnt Over For Everyone~Submitted by Jacob

Well summer just went by to fast. Im sure all lifeguard had a great time working outside. But for some, lifeguard season is all year. I am a lifeguard at an indoor pool. I  love it because it keeps me busy all year. The only problem is that it is a single guard facility so I am the only one when I am on duty. It is a challenge. I hope any other indoor lifeguards keep everyone safe and have a good year!

All lifeguards can relate to this! It’s a music video made by some lifeguards and I think it’s great:)

treblegirl77 asked:

I just got my certification at the pool I plan on applying for next summer. The pool is in a very small town and everybody know each other, except for me. I am new to town and only live there in the summer. I'm worried I'm not going to fit in because they are all already friends. Do you have any advise for a new guard who wants to fit in? Thanks!

Don’t try to fit in, just be yourself! I’m sure there will be other new guards too, and even if they already no each other, they probably won’t be best friends! Don’t make yourself feel left out, do all of the staff activities and be nice to everyone. Try to be outgoing and make friends with the other guards! Although I knew peowere before I started working at my pool, I have made more friends that I am just as close with as the people I knew before! Also, you could try to meet some of them before you start working so you have a familiar face to begin with! Good luck:)

I apologize in advance…

I am scheduled for over 100 more hours for the rest of summer! So between now and Labor Day, I apologize if I neglect this blog! I’ll try to answer questions from the queue and post everything I have ASAP! I promise that once I’m done with work I will have a little more time to work on this (hopefully)! If you have any ideas, please submit them!

earth-to-andrea asked:

Starting my first job as a lifeguard in about a week. I'm super nervous and I'm not too sure what to expect on my first day. What usually do they have you do on the first day?

Don’t be nervous:) Everyone has their first day and probably remembers it! They will probably go over the rules, rotations, and procedures of the facility and answer any questions. After that, you will probably get right into the rotation and start guarding. Make sure you do your best, because the other guards and supervisors will probably be keeping an eye on you to see if you’re a good guard. If you leave a good first impression everything else should go smoothly! Don’t be afraid to ask questions either, it will make you look professional! Once you get over your first day, everything starts to settle into a routine and I promise guarding will be fun! Good luck:)