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I put out this survey awhile ago, and I figured some of you would be interested in seeing the results! Thanks to all of you who participated! If you would still like to take it, the link is above and on another post on my page.

Hey everyone! I am working on a project about being a lifeguard! I would love it if all you lifeguards out there could take this quick survey. It’s only a few questions, some serious and some fun. If you are interested, I can also share the results with you guys! Pass the link on to any of your lifeguard friends or coworkers, it’s open to anyone. 

May be guilty of this on a daily basis at the pool :)

May be guilty of this on a daily basis at the pool :)

Lifeguarding Problems


Parents who assume putting a lifejacket on their child is equivalent to supervising them in the water

It’s been awhile…

I haven’t posted on this blog in awhile…now that it is summer and guarding is back in full swing, would you guys like to see posts again? Let me know and send me suggestions and I can try to get them up soon! Also let me know if there are any changes you want to see or any good ideas you have.

I Apologize…

I have been so busy since summer ended that I haven’t even been thinking about Tumblr…I really want to get back into it since I am at a point where I am really missing my pool and summer guarding! I’m going to brainstorm some of my own ideas to start filling the queue again, but if anyone has questions or anything else they would like to post, please submit it!

LIfeguard Season isnt Over For Everyone~Submitted by Jacob

Well summer just went by to fast. Im sure all lifeguard had a great time working outside. But for some, lifeguard season is all year. I am a lifeguard at an indoor pool. I  love it because it keeps me busy all year. The only problem is that it is a single guard facility so I am the only one when I am on duty. It is a challenge. I hope any other indoor lifeguards keep everyone safe and have a good year!

All lifeguards can relate to this! It’s a music video made by some lifeguards and I think it’s great:)